Chakra Flower Wisdom Cards

Let me explain

I am an artist and a yogini and conciously or not many concepts of yoga philosophy inspire my creative life. They often make their way onto paper and it's here where both my selves -yogini and artist - are happiest and become one. 

Last year, during my Yoga Teacher Training, I was particularly inspred by the idea of representing the Chakra System with a fresh aestetic.

I used each individual chakra color as a foundation, then combined flower drawings associated with the qualities of the chakras. Please note, none of this is scientifically proven, but I do hope it resonates with you on a heartfelt level and brightens your day. Maybe it inspires you to send a card to a loved one or friend?

So, What are chakras?

The ancient yogis believed that we have 7 different energy centers in our body  ligned up along the spine from your sacrum or root all the way to the crown of the head. As long as these energy centers are in balance our life force, our prana, can flow freely. We feel grounded, healthy, creative, confident, happy, seen and heard and find meaning and purpose in our life.

Often though, life energy gets stuck in one, two or all of these centers and the chakras can't function efficiently. This may be due to life experiences, injuries or illnesses. Just think of an event that made you sad. Where do you feel that sadness in your body? Or where do you feel happy?

Yoga poses and meditation are believed to balance those energy centers, so that the life force can flow again and you can live your life in balance and harmony.   

There is so much more to read about the chakras and as a starter a good ressources is Judith Anoedea's book "Chakra Yoga".  

Chakra Flower Wisdom Cards

Below you find all 7 chakra cards, their meaning and what inpsired me to draw them. But before you read them all, why not play a little game?  Go back to the top of the page and take a look at the flowers. Which one speaks to you? Now scroll down and learn more about it. Most important have fun.

May my cards simply remind you to embrace the inherent wisdom of your body and invite you to pause, inquire and get inspired. 

And if you like the images, you can purchase them in my store as prints, individual cards or packages.