The MOONVIES are published!

I have great news to share! After years of writing, editing, painting and illustrating my book is finally done and available to be purchased at Amazon.

As happy as I am about publishing my book,  the release of it couldn't be more poignant and sad.   The book is inspired by my friend Joe Wheelwright, a master sculptor from Boston, who told me his childhood memory. It was him, who thought that his parents went out to the moonvies, when in fact they went to the movies. The first time, he told me about it I knew I had to write and illustrate this story. Over the last years, I worked on many version, but they never felt they represented what I wanted to show.

This summer though I hid myself in my studio and used every minute while my boys were in day camp and I worked on the book. Amd I did, I finished the book. Then I learned all the stuff I never thought I needed to learn about the self publishing world...  Who knew you needed a LCCN? And what even is that? 

Last week I received the proof of the book and couldn't have been happier. Until I opened my Inbox. Joe's daughter had sent me an email about about his passing. I honestly did not see that coming and it is hard to describe the heartbreak. I had been so excited about finishing the book and I really wanted to show him this last version. Somehow it feels like our conversation has been left unnfinished and I have not been able to deliver my part of the "deal". In other words, I feel like I have failed him.  And that feeling is not easy to shake. And it is on top of the sadness of having lost a family friend.

I still cannot wrap my head about the timing but I am slowly able to change the narrative in my head, thanks to long walk, talks with good friends and lots and lots of yoga. Instead of beating myself up, I am thankful to have gotten to know Joe over the years, that I have finished the book and therefore have created a tribute to Joe's life and work.

"sleeping moon" in peabody square, boston

"sleeping moon" in peabody square, boston

Would I be much rather driving over to his studio and show him the finished thing? There is no question about it! My whole family is feeling the loss. 

I do hope that the book will bring some joy to your family, that you learn about the amazing sculptor Joe Wheelwright and how he has changed the Boston art scene. I also hope that you go out and watch your own moonvies with your friends, kids or maybe by yourself.

My book will also tag along an exhibt at the Peabody Essex Museum called "Lunar Attractions". The big opening of the show is October 15th from 11am-3:30pm with many activities for young and old. I hope to see you there. Please stop by and say hi!

Click here for your own copy of the MOONVIES!